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“Playing golf on the Martin County High School team has been very inspiring to me. We practiced several days a week and our scores during our practice round determines who would play in the upcoming match. The Nine Core Value of PERSEVERANCE encouraged me to play my best and try harder at get better. It is often tiring because we carry our bags in 90-degree heat, but the competition is something I really enjoy.”

“I’m also working on my CONFIDENCE on the golf course and being involved with First Tee has really helped me. I played the 4th spot and sometimes the 3rd spot this year on our golf team. I have met a lot of new people from different schools and we played a lot of challenging courses. I even played with an opponent that I knew and played with back in elementary school. Our golf team has really good chemistry because we know each other very well and we help each other on the course. So far, my junior year has been the best because my team made it to Districts. Overall, playing high school golf has been a great experience and has inspired me to continue to practice and compete so that I can improve and play in college.”