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Our Chapter partnered with local country clubs held CMAA Marathon Golf over the summer that was a fun, energizing event where club staff and members helped our Chapter raise significant funds for our programming in the Treasure Coast.

“Our players had a fantastic time. As daunting as it sounds to play 100+ holes in one day, Marathon Golf is much easier and much less physically challenging than it sounds,” commented Gennifer Garvin, Chapter Director of Operations. “Across the board, the most common response from Marathon Golfers at the end of the day has been: “This is the most fun I’ve ever had in my life on a golf course!”

A big shout out to the following Country Clubs and players:

  • Harbour Ridge – Vaughn Swink, Marco Piccoli, Jay Kragh, Eddie Smith, Tim Cann, Andy Pole, Joe Beezup$15,500.00
  • Piper’s Landing – Mike Eye & Brian Reich$11,500.00
  • Stuart Yacht & Country Club – Dean Lawson, Dave Shimko, Dave Sanchez$5,000.00
  • Willoughby – Gerry Knebels$5,000.00
  • Mariner Sands – John Schmahl, Ed Devito, Jim Loughran, David Holmes$1,500.00

Marathon Golfers played May through July and raised a total of $38,500 for our Chapter!